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Northern British Columbia Leads.

In February of 1943, a Douglas C-49 took off from Fort Nelson, British Columbia on a flight to Fort Simpson. It reportedly carried eleven passengers and crew and an army payroll of $200,000 in United States currency and 400 pounds of gold bullion. On September 22, 1948, the wreckage was found near Fort Nelson high above Tuchodi Lake where it hit the mountainside with great force, disintegrated, scattered and burned for over a mile. Much of the debris was buried four to six feet under rockslides and although eleven bodies were recovered, there was no record of the missing cargo.

Vancouver Island Treasure Leads.

Several cedar boxes, each containing $10,000 in gold were secreted in several various caches in the 1920s by Arthur Wilson a self-proclaimed messiah on DeCourcy Island. When the police caught up with him he fled to Europe, not having time to gather all of his hidden deposits. Much of his treasure remains to be found. A wide variety of relics and little treasures can be unearthed at Cumberland's Chinatown, the lost ghost town located on Vancouver Island, 140 miles north of Victoria. 3,000 oriental miners once lived in this bustling coal mining community four miles from Royston and much treasure remains to be found here. 1,200 cases of liquor packed in salmon cases remain hidden near Long Beach on Vancouver Island's lonely west coast. Somewhere near the headwaters of the San Juan River on Vancouver Island is an immensely rich ledge of almost pure gold. It was discovered -- and lost -- in the 1880s. A lost Spanish mine containing raw gold and crude ingots of pure gold is located in the area between Leech town and Jordan Meadows at the foot of the huge rock bluffs. The site is somewhere along a shorter route than the regular trail on ground that isn't very steep; the opening almost horizontal. It's among heavy undergrowth and a substantial distance from Leech town. It is also said to be in the high country overlooking Jordan Meadows. $10,000 in gold coins in a knee-high leather boot, covered by an inverted frying pan under eighteen inches of soil was buried 150 yards or feet, or 25 yards or feet northwest from the northwest corner of the largest house in Leech town .

In 1872 "Rattlesnake" thingy Barters' gang held up a mule train and escaped with $80,000, half of which has never been found. It is supposedly buried along the salal-covered ruins of the old Leechtown Gold Camp 20 miles northwest of Victoria. . Many treasure ships have gone down at Race Rocks near Victoria. Some gold coins have been found in this area. . Within an hours' drive of Victoria along the rocky banks of South Vancouver Island's Koksilah River is the location of Bill Irvine's silver mine, discovered and lost around 1908. . The ancient Chilcotin Indians obtained melted gold by heating some kind of rock which was found in a valley in the area of Bella Coola. At the confluence of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers, three railroad cars derailed and plunged into the river canyon. The cargo aboard supposedly contained gold bullion and was heavily insured, but in order to present a claim, the railroad must give the insurance company the plates bearing the serial numbers of the lost cars. The railroad will give a reward of $1,000,000 for the recovered plates.

The British Columbia Gold Prospecting Map Collection

The Golden Mountains by Charles Miller

Placer claims for Sale near Siwash Creek, British Columbia

Southern British Columbia Prospecting and Treasure leads.

The Lost Lytton Gold Mine lies somewhere in the mountains at an altitude of over 8,000 feet across the Fraser River from Lytton.The Lost Creek Gold Mine, said to be worth $100,000,000, is located 45 miles from New Westminster in the Pitt River country on the edge of the Garibaldi Provincial Park. This mine is also called the Lost Mine of Pitt Lake. "Bluebeard" Slumach supposedly had a secret gold source somewhere in the area a few miles from New Westminster during the late 1880s

Want to know more about Slumach and the lost mine of Pitt Lake.

The mother-lode source of the fabulous Granite Creek gold deposits has never been found and is believed to lie, undiscovered, somewhere back in the hills, about 12 miles west of Princeton. The Lost Edmunds Quartz Deposit, with 101 ounces of silver to the ton and 41 ounces of gold, lies somewhere on Penticton Creek near Okanagan. As much as $4,000,000 in unrecovered gold is believed to remain in the bottom of a water-filled pit in the Caribou District, about one-quarter mile past the Barkerville intersection on the Quesnel-Bowron Lake Road and near the confluence of the Willow River and Williams Creek. The "lake" is fed by underground springs and remains constantly filled with 80 to 100 feet of water.Three bars of gold worth $100,000 at today's prices, the results of a robbery in 1896 by Matt Roderick, lie buried in the area about one hours' buckboard ride out of Camp McKinney and roughly 150 miles north of the Wenatches Wash in the Caribou Mining District. He was later killed when returning; it is surmised, to recover the hidden treasure. They have never been found.

A Crashed Mitchell B25 bomber went down west of Pitt Lake it was said contain a valuable cargo. The gold cargo is said to be Nazi Gold recovered by the goverment of Canada during the fall of Nazi Germany.

The crash of the B-25 Bomber

Gold is said to be found on Glacier creek near Stave Lake as well as in Tingle Creek. Gold has also been discovered on the North Allouette River. The Famous BC prospector Volcanic Brown said there was Platinum in the Pitt Lake lost mine area. Platinum claims can be found on Tuwasus creek.

The Golden Mountains by Charles Miller

There is a old mine on the top of Mt Crickmer. Some gold has been found using a detector and searching the old mining dumps. Just off the main trail to the top of this mountain an old dump was found which contained all kinds of artifacts. Resting in the mountains south of Hope is an old mining town called Steamboat Mountain. Many mining relics can be found here.

There was said to be an old Spanish mine east of Harrison Lake. The Local natives said they saw ships with great white wings in the Harrison area long before official contact was recorded. Many believe the Spanish where there in search of gold. An old Spanish wreck can be found in Bute Inlet on the British Columbia Coast.

Caches of gold made by the old Indian Hunter Jack are said to be found near the Bridge River area behind the Bralorne Mine. A lost valley near Taughton Creek north of the Bridge River is also supposed to contain the mother lode of Hunter Jack and a sacred Indian burial ground(Best to leave this one alone). Several Caches where made by a prospector who was stealing from the old Pioneer mine in the Bridge River country.

The location is somewhere around gold bridge. Eldorado creek in the Bridge river is very rich for the prospector who can make the journey. Gold was found there this summer

Spindle Placer Claim on the Bridge River.

In 1889 the outlaw Jack Rowland robbed a stagecoach, but was eventually captured and sent to prison. Rumours have persisted that the $15,000 in stolen gold bars have never been recovered and lies cached somewhere along Scott or Scottie Creek in the area of his cabin near Clinton and 20 miles north of Ashcroft. A robber stole $300,000 in gold dust and nuggets from a Caribou miner after which he was shot. The bandit fell off his horse wounded and was dragged along with the saddlebags into the dense brush. His skeleton and the pouches of gold may be in the area between Cache Creek and Ashcroft near 150 Mile House.A cave of gold exists somewhere along the 700-mile shoreline of Shuswap Lake. Indian legends tell of a cave many miles in length hiding a "blind river" which was worked by native miners in bygone ages. Today the cavern is said to be hidden by river silt and debris. Old timers in the area believe the fabulously rich Lost Lemon Diggings lie in the vicinity of Finlay Creek near Canal Flats.

In the late 1800s Bill Irvine, an employee of the E & N Railway working to construct the right-of-way above the Koksilah River, stumbled upon an abandoned mine shaft containing walls of almost solid silver ore. The mine was lost and after years of change in the terrain, could not be relocated. Placer Gold can be found in the Ashnola River where the river meets with the Similkameen River. Placer gold and placer platinum have been found in Eagle Creek since 1885, 8 miles SW of Old Tulameen.Good quantities of placer gold and placer platinum have been found in Granite Creek since 1885 in the Similkameen region.Placer gold can be found in Lawless Creek, (Bear Creek). Placer gold and placer platinum can be found in Lockie Creek (also known as Boulder Creek). The Tulameen River has been worked since 1860, and still yields gold and platinum.

Lambly (Bear) Creek, Cherry Creek, and Harris Creek yield placer gold in the Okanagan Lake region. Many good sized gold nuggets have been found in Jolly Creek. Although Boundary Creek has been prospected since 1859 with rockers, sluices, and hydraulics, there are still some places in which gold can be easily recovered. Rock Creek is a renowned placer gold creek, yielding gold since 1959.

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