Research is the key to Treasure Hunting Success

When one gets past the fantasy of wanting to search for lost treasure .How does one actually reach for the dream in reality? First you need a place to start, and with treasure hunting that place is a good treasure lead.Good treasure lead are out there, but so are the myths and the legends. You have become a good researcher and to learn to separate the fact from the fiction.It will be up to you to break down the treasure lead. and it will be to you to do as much research as you can to see if it's worth while to take the lead to the next stage. For research is one of the keys to success in the high risk world of the treasure hunter.

In this collection of treasure leads you will find an growing list of leads covering the United State and Canada. You will find leads for all types of lost treasure in this collection. So know matter what type of treasure hunter you are, there will be a lead in here for you. If you live in a state where you are lucky enough to have pirate history, you will find leads for pirate treasure. If you are a gold prospector searching for lost gold mines or placer creeks, you will find leads in this collection. Is it sunken treasure you are after? Look no further no matter what kind of treasure hunting you are into. This is the place to start your way down a path full of discovery and adventure and perhaps even a fortune.

The Lost Treasure of North America

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Placer Claims for sale in British Columbia

The Sunken Treasure of SS Pacific

Treasure Hunting and Prospecting leads for British Columbia

The Lost Treasure of the Nazis

The Lost Treasure of Cocos Island

The Treasure map collection

Seekers of Gold

Looking for gold in the Stave

The Crashed B25 bomber