The Gold of the Cayoosh by Daryl Friesen

I have to say that was one of the greatest times I have had in a long time. It was a great pleasure to be out there with all you guys. You are some the bravest prospectors I have ever met. I am also very proud that you make Spindle your online prospecting home. Ron you have the most amazing prospecting talent and are a true leader in the field. Nothing stops the Spindle boys from getting to the gold. You guys have true courage and you helped me find some of mine that may have been lost by spending to much time getting soft inside at a keyboard.

For those who have ever driven the highway next to Cayoosh up high past seton lake. Imagine pulling over and just walking down the side of the mountain. Thats what it was like going into the cayoosh canyon to Rons spot.

It was incredible. I knew if i went all of the way down that day you were going to need a helicopter to get me back out. (dont smoke cigs kids) Greg-g told me he would never smoke again after that day. Hope he is living up to it.

We did not find much gold that first day just the typical specks. Thomas claimed to have found something in the canyon but he still didnt show me that night. Thomas cough up a pic man?

Those were some really fun nights getting to know all of you around the campfire. Dave,Ron,Thomas,Adam,Greg-g,Stan it was a pleasure to be in your company.

The next day it was decided we would find a route into the famous spot. Where the day before Ron and the gang had had problems with the owners of the placer claim that you have to cut through to get to the diggings.

While we were trying the canyon further and higher up the main highway the day before.Dave stayed behind and tried to find a diffrent route down to the old diggings. Talking to him in the evening over the campfire it sounded like it was going to be not a bad route.But in reality it was a straight drop down the side of the mountain from the top of the hill near the Walden gate. It made for a hair raising journey down to the diggings and triggered my small fear of heights which for some reason I have harboured since the big crash of 2002. But it just all added to the adventure. When we got down to the placer mining at the diggings We all pulled some gold from the mighty cayoosh. Right at the end of the day. I at last found some worthy gold in the cayoosh. But I think Ron found the most. Like I said Ron you are a prospecting rock star.

On the way out Karen and I had to leave a little earlier than the rest of the gang and we followed an old grown over road snaking through the bush towards Walden North. We followed the dirt road until it turned to a small paved section. You could see the Walden house through the trees.

We then found a much smaller cliff then the one we came down,that lead to the main dirt road that goes back to the trucks.Waldens dog spotted us climbing the cliff. He then of course, started barking like mad and thrashing himself against his cage trying to get out to eat us. You could see him through the trees as we climbed. At least he was in cage and not free. I thought to myself. I did not have the energy to run from an angry dog at that point and didn't want to be his lunch.

With the dog barking at us and the owners of Walden splashing in the pool behind the house and the fact we were trespassing made the climb out intense but it brought back a thrilling sense of adventure. We made it back to the dirt road and up the hill and back to the trucks all in one piece and as we drove off leaving a trail of dust. We were both tired and sore but it was a great ending to a perfect adventure.


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